COVID Guard™ - Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions (the “Terms”) here are applicable to all users of our site, which is owned and operated by COVID Guard. By using this site, you've agreed to be bound by these Terms, as they may be modified by us at any time and published on the site.

COVID-19 Revision [EFFECTIVE 3/1/2020]:


"We do not condone the use of these face masks under the following circumstances: in surgical settings or where there is an expected risk of exposure to bodily or hazardous fluids, in clinical settings where there is a high risk of infection through inhalation, in the presence of high-intensity heat sources or flammable gas. COVID Guard face masks cannot solely protect you from the Coronavirus disease, or any infection/transmission of viruses or diseases. They are nonetheless an additional preventive measure against COVID-19, working best when accompanied by further measures such as frequent hand washing, refraining from touching your face, and practicing social distancing. Our products are sourced from our innovative supplier, Bella + Canvas."

Prices and Invoicing

Applicable prices are those as seen on the site at the time you place your order.

However, product and service prices don't include transport costs. The transport cost will be charged independently, and the customer is required to pay them alongside the purchase price. Any discount given to the customer is allowed will be deducted from the price of the products, not from the transport costs.

At any time, COVID Guard retains every right to alter selling prices and transport costs.

Payment Terms

You agree that you have the authority to make payments by any of the payment methods permitted on the site and that there are sufficient funds in the bank account connected to the credit card to cover all costs regarding the transaction; if the customer falls short of this condition, we may refuse the order.

COVID Guard retains every right to refuse or reject any order from any customer with whom COVID Guard is in dispute with or who has brought a dispute in the past.

Ordering Products

Products offered by COVID Guard are as they appear on the site when you execute your order subject to the availability of those products. COVID Guard agrees to make every necessary effort to deliver all orders as soon as possible.

The products available on sale via the site are described in good faith and as correctly as possible; but the photographs on the site are of no contractual value whatsoever. COVID Guard cannot accept any sort of liability for any errors that may appear in any description or image of any product, including any slight variation in dimensions and colors.

COVID Guard cannot be considered or held liable for products unavailable.


COVID Guard will cancel the order if the address details are unclear, incorrect or insufficient to send the products. In this case, COVID Guard will inform the customer of the canceled order through email or in writing. If the customer has paid already for the products, COVID Guard will ask his/her bank information to refund immediately the amount paid for the products.

Customers can also cancel their orders by sending us an email, depending on whether the package has already been sent or not. In the event of an approved refund, COVID Guard will cancel such order and will ask the bank to refund immediately the exact amount paid for the specific products and inform the customer by email of the refund. How fast the refund is done depends on how the customer decided to pay when making his/her purchase. If the customer notices that the refund is taking an abnormal length of time, he/she is advised to contact his/her bank.

Delivery / Shipping Policy

If the customer opts for delivery to a particular address, COVID Guard will make every necessary effort to ensure that such an order is dispatched to the specific address. If there is no one at the address, a message will be left on the specified address which can be used to ask for another delivery attempt, either to the same address or to any of the collection points.

In the case of the customer being unable to arrange for redelivery within a period of two weeks after confirming the order, or if he/she is out when that redelivery is done, the order will be returned to us automatically, and COVID Guard will then contact such a customer to arrange for the order to be delivered at a different time with additional delivery costs.

COVID Guard retains every right to split orders into one or more deliveries based on the availability of the products. Every delivery will be sent with email notification. There will also be a delivery note to give details of the products delivered.

The risk of loss and/or damage is transferred to the customer on delivery.

As a result of an increasing amount of orders with each of our sales, shipping time depends on the product being sold. Shipment may take up to 4 weeks from the time you made your order, depending on the product. COVID Guard always specifies the estimated delivery time for each re-stock or drop.

As soon as you get your order, ensure you check the product carefully to confirm it has not been damaged during shipping. All claims for any damaged product must be made with 48 hours. Ensure you contact us immediately to provide detailed information for any product damaged during shipping within that time. Send along a full description of the damages to the product while contacting us.

Return Policy

COVID-19 Revision [EFFECTIVE 3/1/2020]: Due to the recent global pandemic outbreak of the Coronavirus disease, we have a strict, no voluntary refund policy (excluding cases where the item doesn’t arrive or arrives damaged/non-functional).

The customer may notify COVID Guard within 14 days of receiving the product that he/she wishes to exercise his/her right to revoke without being liable to pay any damages and without having to provide any reasons.

The customer has to cancel the whole order or a part of the order by sending us an email. The email should contain certain information such as: order number, date of order, shipping address & products (alongside the name, color as well as the size of the individual item) and their quantity.

If the customer revokes the order or a portion from the order, it is expected that the order is sent back 14 days after informing.

The right to revoke regarding products delivered only applies if the product is also sent within 14 days of the customer notifying us that he/she wishes to revoke his/her purchase. COVID Guard will wait to refund such a customer until the time we receive legitimate proof that the product has been sent back to the address below, or when the product arrives at the address below. The revoked product must be sent back in perfect condition, and as new in its original packaging, alongside the original sales invoice (of which the customer holds one copy) and a completed return document. If there is any return that the sender cannot be identified, such a return will be refused. After 14 days of the customer's receipt of the order, COVID Guard cannot accept mails from the customer who wants to revoke his/her order.

The costs and risks contained in returns will be solely borne by the customer.

14 days after the customer confirmed the return of the product and if the product has arrived at the specified address above or the customer can send proof that he/she has sent the product, purchase price alongside the delivery costs will be refunded. Under no circumstance can the amount repaid ever go above what the customer truly paid.


All elements such as texts, the database including all data published on the site, the layout and graphic design of the webpages, sales catalog, images, photos, music and video on the site are protected by copyright and all other sorts of intellectual property rights globally, and therefore, remain the exclusive property of COVID Guard. Hence, they may not be copied, published, used or imitated in any other way or form without our prior consent in writing. Such consent must be sent in writing unless we have made it possible to share certain elements on social networks, in which case, consent will be limited to the specific elements and social networks for which we have made it possible to share them. Any violation may be pursued in the courts.


COVID Guard cannot be held liable for any sort of damage to your systems incurred while visiting our site including hacking or computer viruses, and so on.

COVID Guard cannot be held liable for not delivering orders for products that are out of stock as well as for any reasons beyond its control, including but with no limitation to circumstances of force majeure, such as disturbances of or suspension of transport, post or communications services, flood or fire occurrences, accidents or damage inherent in using the network.

In any case, where we are or could be held liable, our liability will be limited to the exact amount you paid for the order in particular.